L o a d i n g


How soon is your ad seen, and what is the first impression to it? Do people see the brand, the CTA, or something else?
  • Analyze ad visibility and the time it takes to catch audience attention.
  • Assess the first impression of the ad: brand, CTA, or other elements.
  • Measure brand recognition based on initial ad glance.
  • Optimize CTAs for early engagement and better conversions.

Product & Packaging

What are customers’ emotional responses as they unpack, open, and use your product?
  • Excitement and anticipation during unpacking and opening the product.
  • Curiosity and intrigue as customers explore the product's features.
  • A positive unboxing experience leads to satisfaction and delight.
  • Unboxing creates emotional attachment, fostering brand loyalty.

Website & E-commerce

How do visitors respond to the landing page? What drives their engagement, and are there any bounce rate triggers?
  • Analyzing visitor interactions to optimize landing page performance.
  • Identifying engagement factors that captivate and retain visitors.
  • Uncovering bounce rate triggers to enhance user experience.
  • Understanding visitor behavior to boost landing page conversions.


Will customers see your product on the shelf? How do they respond to sections and signs in your store?
  • Ensure product visibility on shelves to attract customer attention.
  • Analyze customer responses for better store layout.
  • Optimize product placement to maximize visibility and accessibility.
  • Utilize eye-catching displays to drive customer engagement and boost sales.

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